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About Malta

In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta enjoys an outstanding reputation for its wonderful climate, welcoming residents, low crime rate and excellent quality of living. A desirable place to reside or have an additional home, Malta also has excellent connectivity to the air.

Citizen By Investment Malta

Citizen By Investment Malta - TEG Consultancy

Country Overview

Download the Malta factsheets from the residence and citizenship tabs to find out more about the country’s programs. Alternatively, contact us directly for any specific questions.

Country Information

The Maltese archipelago lies in the middle of the Mediterranean and comprises three island groups: Comino, Gozo, and Malta, which total 400,000. They are spread across more than 316 sq km.





Maltese, English

Maltese, English


Innovative and advanced

Innovative and advanced




Citizen By Investment Malta

An Overview

The Republic of Malta consists of three islands that lie 80 kilometres off the shores of Sicily, Italy, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The climate is generally Mediterranean, with a few rainy days between March to October. The population is 400,000. The two principal languages are English and Maltese, although Italian is spoken in large numbers.

Political climate

Malta was declared independent of Britain in 1964. It was declared a republic in 1973. It is a democracy-based country that respects the laws of the land. Malta is an active member of several international organisations, including Malta’s membership in the Council of Europe, Europe’s Schengen Area, the European Union, the Eurozone, and the International Monetary Fund.

Living in Malta

Malta has a solid infrastructural structure. Telecommunications, postal services, banks, hospitals, and health care services, along with all other public services, are effective and of an excellent standard. Air Malta operates 35 flight routes, mainly across Europe and the Mediterranean. Several other European airlines also operate flight routes that connect to Malta. It also has a daily maritime connection with Italy.

The English-speaking population allows for easy integration and communication. The official documentation is all made in English and commercial, business relations are executed in English, and laws are both in English or Maltese. There are also English-speaking private schools that offer the highest quality of education. The University of Malta is open to students who are permanent residents. There are a lot of private hospitals providing top-quality medical services. Malta has been ranked fifth worldwide by the World Health Organization for medical services and facilities.

Although Malta has an excellent standard of living similar to other European nations in the Mediterranean region, the cost of living in Malta is typically less expensive than in other European countries. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with less expense. Life on Gozo is usually slow and more comfortable than in other parts of Europe, especially in Gozo as well as the beauty of the island is hard to resist. The rate of crime and the level of abuse by drugs is extremely low. Children are raised without fear, and there is general awareness and care of the local population to older and younger people and children, mainly foreign nationals, are concerned. Many foreigners who go to Malta are amazed by the assistance and care they receive from the locals.

The mild climate is beautiful to people from colder parts of the globe, especially in the fall and spring.

Doing business in Malta.

Over the last few years, the Maltese government has sought to lure foreign capital through attractive incentives targeted at international entrepreneurs and investors. Over the past fifteen decades, Malta has developed into a global financial centre among the most significant jurisdictions in the Southern European region of today.

The workforce in Malta has English proficiency and is highly motivated and educated. Malta offers incentives to foreigners or businesses that establish businesses in Malta, such as low-cost rents for factories and low-interest loans. Additionally, its central position, excellent international trade relationships, and outstanding quality of living make it among the most attractive places for business in the Mediterranean.

The law in Malta

While it was a former British dependent, Maltese law is codified, and there is no British common law tradition. Generally, the laws are divided into two major branches: criminal law and civil law, which follow different law rules.

Maltese law for civil matters is founded upon law derived from the Napoleonic Code, which is built on older Roman laws. This is why, especially in the more traditional legal areas, particularly those about property, contracts, obligations and obligations, Maltese law is very like French and Italian law. There is often a reference to French or Italian authors when interpreting the meaning of Maltese law.

In the area of criminal law, however, the field of criminal law, Malta has borrowed heavily from the British system. So the trials are conducted through juries (except for lesser offences), and the entire system is built upon that of the British criminal law set-up.

In the newest areas of law, especially in financial, environmental, fiscal, and company legal areas, many laws have been adopted over the last ten years. They are often borrowed from other nations (in particular, from Britain) and then adapted to Maltese demands. At present, Malta is amending its law to align it with the direction of the EU that Malta is an EU member.

Malta provides many benefits which include:

  • Great banking centre, with the presence of the international central banks
  • Perfect location in the middle of the Mediterranean
  • Access to the sea is efficient and easy, as is Malta’s international airport. Malta
  • A language-friendly environment
  • Living at a high standard

TEG Group’ services

Establishing yourself and your company in Malta will require you to develop connections with essential partners such as government banks, government officials, Corporate professionals, and bankers. Expert consultants are needed to create a network of contacts and assist you in establishing yourself in the new setting.

The services that TEG Group specializes in are invaluable resources that can complement other law firms and consultants. We can assist other companies as well as their clients with precise details needed by the business and immigration process as well as planning for Malta as well as other essential jurisdictions around the world.

Citizen By Investment Malta

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