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Residence by Investment Malta

In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta enjoys an outstanding reputation for its wonderful climate, welcoming residents, low crime rate and excellent quality of living. A desirable place to reside or have an additional home, Malta also has excellent connectivity to the air.


A minimum contribution amount of EUR 175,000 for mixed capital requirement

Processing time

Four-six month processing period from the time of applying to the time of approval

Key benefit

The mobility freedom to Malta, along with the other countries of the EU and Europe's Schengen Area

The Malta Permanent Residence Programme

Malta is an extremely attractive area for private residences. The island has an enviable political climate and is conveniently located with great air connections. Malta Permanent Residence Program Malta Permanent Residence Programme offers people who aren’t Maltese getting a European residence permit within the EU country, as well as visa-free travel in the European Union’s Schengen Area.

The Advantages of Maltese Property Through Investment

A residence permit in an EU country and visa-free travel across Europe's Schengen Area

Right to remain forever within Malta

Only for the initial five years

No residency requirement

Family members include

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Requirements of the Malta Permanent Residence Programme

The primary applicant must be 18 years old to be eligible and submit an affidavit stating that as of the date of application, they hold a capital amount of at least EUR 500 000 (EUR 150,000 of which must be capital assets). The following requirements for the application are required to be met to be considered to be eligible for the program:

A purchase of a property for EUR 350,000 (EUR 300,000 for South Malta or Gozo) or a lease of EUR 12,000 annually (EUR 10,000 for South Malta or Gozo)

Contribution to the economy of EUR 28000 to the Maltese economy when the property for residential use is bought or EUR 58,000 if the property is let

A contribution to a non-governmental organisation of EUR 2000

A non-refundable administration charge of EUR 4000

The Procedure and the Timeframe of the Residency of Investors Through Investment in Malta

The procedures and requirements for applying for the Malta Permanent Residence Programme are simple and easy to follow. The application is made by the Residency Malta Agency, the agency of the government responsible for applications. The successful applicants will be required to make the required investment following rigorous due diligence checks and then be granted a residence permit. Residence Malta Agency will issue successful applicants with an official Maltese residency certificate that is the permit.



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The processing time for an application for the Malta Permanent Residence Programme is approximately four to six months from applying to the time of approval.

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