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About Spain

One of the most popular holiday spots worldwide in Spain, located in southwest Europe. It is a vibrant country admired for its majestic landscapes, excellent quality of life, and a nation with rich history and unique culture and traditions. One of the most significant economies across Europe is that of Spain. Moreover, it is a permanent member of the Eurozone and the EU.

Citizen By Investment Spain

Country Overview

Download the country factsheets from the residence and citizenship tabs to find out more about the country’s programs. Alternatively, contact us directly for any specific questions.

Country Information

Spanish residents benefit from unrestricted travel across Europe and the country’s high quality of life. Spain has one of the world’s most elevated lifespans for its citizens.



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A capitalist has a well-balanced mix, including the manufacturing, services, and agro-based sectors.




Citizen By Investment Spain

Living in Spain

Spain continues to be a trendy destination for both travel and permanent residence. Its capital city Madrid and port city, Barcelona, are world-famous and draw millions of visitors to the country’s shores yearly. Spain’s distinct essence can be felt in its live dance and musical traditions, such as flamenco, in its cuisine, which is influenced by the seafood found in the surrounding waters, and in the sophisticated city architecture, which has served as a motivation to some of the greatest artists in history.

A country that is as geographically diverse as it is culturally, Spain has a landscape ranging from citrus orchards to snow-capped mountains, hot beaches, and rugged hills. The weather is moderate, with warm summers and cold winters. Spain has Mediterranean and Atlantic shores bordered to the west by Portugal, the northeast by France, and the far south by Gibraltar. Spain’s closeness to the rest of Europe, Central America, and North Africa makes travel there quite convenient for citizens and residents.

Impressive legal system

The country employs a civil law legal system (with regional variations), benefiting residents and citizens alike. Spain is a significant model for freedom and human rights, including those of the LGBTQIA+ community, with same-sex unions respected nationwide. Moreover, the country’s life expectancy rate averages 82 years, a notably high speed worldwide.

Advanced economy and business landscape

Spain experienced a terrible economic disaster after the worldwide financial meltdown of 2008, it has recovered admirably, even reporting years of GDP growth that were repeatedly higher than the EU average. The fourth-largest in the Eurozone is its economy. In the 190-country 2020 Ease of Doing Business Index, Spain placed at position 30. The textile and clothing (including footwear) industry is one of its most significant sectors and a world leader in the fashion industry. The Spanish economy is thriving and expanding quickly.

The attractive tax regime for residents

You must stay in Spain for more than 183 days each year before residents through investment are considered tax residents. Non-residents are taxed in Spain only on Spanish-sourced income by applicable ‘tax treaty provisions, which may result in lower tax rates on dividends, interest, royalties, and capital gains. Taxation is determined by the type of income and the investor’s status as a resident for taxes.

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