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Residence by Investment Spain

Located in the southwest of Europe, Spain is considered one of the top vacation spots globally. It’s a lively nation appreciated for its stunning sceneries and superb standard of living and a country with a wealthy past and distinct culture and customs. Spain holds one of the most significant economies in Europe. Moreover, it is a complete member of the EU and the Eurozone.


Investment of a minimum EUR 500,000

Processing time

20 days or so for the immigration process

Key benefit

The privilege to reside, labor, and learn in Spain, and unrestricted travel to the EU and Europe's Schengen Region.

The Spain Residence by Investment Program

Spain is one of the most coveted locations worldwide and is a highly sought-after destination for investors. The nation draws in millions of tourists annually with its stunning nature, gorgeous beaches, varied culture, and affluent history. For those who want to reside in this vibrant country, the Spain Residence by Investment Plan is the most effective approach to obtain such a status. The Spanish government has allocated a considerable number of visas for individuals who want to make a substantial, qualified investment into the nation that would boost the economy via foreign direct investment.

Through the residence by investment plan, people and their emergent family members can become residents of Spain (via a temporary residence permit) in less than a month. Subject to universal immigration policies and conditions, residents by investment can obtain permanent residence status after five years of continuous residency in Spain and may obtain Spanish citizenship thereafter. The Spain Residence by Investment Plan is ranked 7th out of 26 programs on the 2023 international Residence Program Index.

Benefits of a Spanish Golden Visa

  • Superior standard of living
  • Inclusion of partners, dependent children, and parents above 65
  • Availability of public healthcare and education in the nation
  • Lively EU state with magnificent scenery
  • Opportunity for citizenship application after specific years of residency
  • Top-notch schools with various language options for tuition
Citizen By Investment Spain - TEG Consultancy

Spain's Golden Visa Requirements

The Spain Residency via Investment Program necessitates that a foreigner invests in real estate, a business venture, company equity, bank deposits, or government bonds.

Candidates must satisfy one of the following investment choices in the nation: 

  • Acquiring real estate worth at least EUR 500,000 (one or more properties)
  • Launching a business venture duly recognized as being of ‘general interest.’
  • Spanish financial institution deposits or company equity with a minimum value of EUR 1 million
  • Investment in government bonds worth at least EUR 2 million

Proof of investment must be furnished as part of the application procedure.

Process and Time Duration of the Spain Golden Visa

Submissions to the scheme necessitate official documentation, fees, and relevant records. Visas are customarily granted following a 20-day evaluation phase and initially last for two years, with an option to prolong for five years if the candidate continues to fulfill the minimum investment criteria in Spain.

The application procedure consists of two steps:

  • Initially, candidates apply in their country of origin for a Spanish residency permit that permits them to dwell and labor in Spain for twelve months.
  • Subsequently, candidates apply for a Spanish residency authorization. If they arrive in Spain on a regular visitor visa, they can directly apply for the residency authorization, avoiding the first step.

The domicile license pertains to the primary financier, mate, or companion (comprising of unmarried or same-gender alliances) and all financially reliant progeny. There’s no mandatory stay obligation to sustain a residency position, but securing the initial domicile license necessitates a trip to Spain.


Inhabitants can solely seek nationality during their tenth year of dwelling in Spain. Nevertheless, Sephardi Jews and citizens of Equatorial Guinea, Latin America, and the Philippines are eligible for Spanish citizenship with only a two-year stay in Spain. Limitations on dual nationality are imposed on the majority of overseas residents.



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It is a program that allows foreigners to become residents of Spain by making a substantial investment in the country.

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