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About Italy

Italy is an excellent destination for relocation due to its strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, and it is home to many exceptional works of art and culture. Italy is the eurozone’s third-largest economy and a co-founder of the EU. Residents of Italy have good living standards, education, healthcare, and a distinct way of life.

Citizen By Investment Italy

Country Overview

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Country Information

Italy is a well-known travel destination with popular locations like Milan, Rome, and Venice. It draws a massive number of visitors every year.



62.2 million



Italian, German, French







Living in Italy — An Overview

Italy, where the Renaissance flourished, has a rich history and culture. With more than 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Italy has the most sites. There are exhibitions representing some of the globe’s best treasures. The country of Italy, which is at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, ranges from the Italian Mountains in the north to many stunning islands in the south. Tourists from every corner of the world commonly travel to Italy.

Italy is a founder member of the EU and NATO, and it holds Europe’s fourth-largest economy. Italy is a well-known travel destination, with important cities such as Milan, Rome, and Venice receiving a large number of people each year. Together with its popular metropolitan attractions, historical architecture, and black-pebbled beaches, the country is increasing in popularity for its fine restaurants, world-class wine, and thriving arts scene.

Regarding geographical positioning, the country borders France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Vatican City, and San Marino. Italian, German, French, and Ladin, a language spoken in Northern Italy, are among its languages. Italy is either mountainous or hilly in almost all of its areas. The biggest islands in Italy are Sicily (the largest island on the European continent) and Sardinia. On the contrary, Capri, Elba, & Ischia are smaller islands. The University of Bologna, founded in 1088 and considered the world’s oldest institution, is based in Italy.

Italy, whose capital city, Rome, is renowned as the “Eternal City,” is well known for producing some of humankind’s most notable figures. Italy had prominent philosophers and academics such as Alessandro Volta and Galileo Galilei. Famous artists from Italy include Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Dante. Adventurers of Italian heritage include Christopher Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci, and Marco Polo, the first Europeans to explore the Americas and the East, respectively.

The 60 million individuals residing there are only two-and-a-half-hour flights from London.

Citizen By Investment Italy

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