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Residence by Investment Italy

Italy’s advantageous situation in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, combined with its numerous exceptional masterpieces of architecture and art, renders it an optimal habitation. Being a pioneer member of the EU and possessing the third-largest economy in the eurozone, Italy endows its inhabitants with excellent living standards, educational facilities, healthcare, and an exceptional standard of living


Minimum investment from EUR 250,000 to EUR 2 million

Processing time

Three–Four months

Key benefit

The right to work, live and study in Italy

The Italy Residence by Investment Program

Being an internationally renowned vacation spot with significant metropolises such as Milan, Rome, and Venice, Italy, provides investors with entry to a robust and interconnected EU market and numerous chances accessible in the locality. The scheme proposes diverse investment preferences with different investment sums for persons. Effective candidates receive residential privileges within a time of three to four months.

Benefits of an Italian Golden Visa

Unrestricted journey to Schengen Area in Europe

Living in a nation with a wealthy heritage, appealing trades, and significant worldwide metropolises

Unnecessary permanent residency in Italy

Entry to outstanding healthcare and educational amenities

Possible eligibility for citizenship following a decade of habitation (subject to specific terms)

To obtain residency status in Italy, candidates have the option to invest in either of these two program alternatives:

Citizen By Investment Italy - TEG Consultancy
  • Investor Visa Program

Candidates must fulfil one of the following three prerequisites:

  • €2 million or more in Italian government bonds
  • A minimum of EUR 500,000 in Italian equities (reduced to EUR 250,000 if invested in groundbreaking start-ups)
  • A minimum of EUR 1 million in Italian public interest initiatives, such as investment in culture, education, environment, immigration management, research and development, the arts, and heritage. This is an irreversible donation.

The investment has to be sustained throughout the visa’s validity. The primary candidate’s partner, kids, and dependent parents can apply for a visa without additional investment.

  • Elective Residence Program

Another qualifying alternative, the Elective Residence Program, is appropriate for individuals who can confirm their steady yearly income at a particular amount from a foreign country.

Procedures and Duration of the Italy Golden Visa

The visa is authorized for two years and can be extended for another three years, provided the investment is sustained. The visa is predicted to require 90–120 days from the day of application. The investment must be made within three months of coming into the country. To receive the visa under the Investor Visa Program, investors must purchase or lease residential real estate in Italy after approval. Under the Elective Residence Program, applicants must demonstrate a stable income and own residential real estate after approval. Permanent residence is possible after five years if the investor has relocated to Italy. There is no minimum number of days of physical presence in Italy required.



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The Italy Residence by Investment Program offers investors the right to work, live, and study in Italy, unrestricted travel to the Schengen Area in Europe, access to exceptional healthcare and educational facilities, and potential eligibility for citizenship after a decade of habitation.

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