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UK Introduces Visa Requirement for Dominican Nationals

The UK government has announced that, with immediate effect, all Dominican nationals will require a visa before traveling to the UK, including to visit. The changes come in response to Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) scheme concerns.

The CBI scheme allows individuals to obtain Dominican citizenship by making a significant investment in the country. The UK government has been concerned that the scheme could be used by criminals and other undesirable individuals to gain access to the UK.

Introducing a visa requirement for Dominican nationals will help address these concerns. Visas are an essential tool in reducing illegal migration, tackling organized crime, and protecting national security.

Dominican nationals who booked travel to the UK before 15:00 BST on July 19 can still enter the UK without a visa until 15:00 BST on August 16. However, anyone who books their travel after July 19 or arrives in the UK after August 16 must apply for a visa.

The cost of a six-month multiple entry visa for the UK is £103. Longer validity visas are also available. Visa applications can be submitted online at VFS Global.

The UK government has said it will continue to work with Dominica to address the concerns that led to the introduction of the visa requirement.

Impact on Dominican Nationals

The introduction of a visa requirement for Dominican nationals will have a significant impact on those who wish to travel to the UK. Visa applications can be time-consuming and expensive and may not be approved. This could make it more difficult for Dominican nationals to visit the UK for business or pleasure.

The visa requirement could also hurt the Dominican economy. The CBI scheme is a major source of revenue for the country, and the loss of visa-free travel could discourage potential investors.


The introduction of a visa requirement for Dominican nationals is a significant development. It is a sign that the UK government is taking steps to address the concerns that have been raised about the CBI scheme. However, the impact of the visa requirement on Dominican nationals and the Dominican economy remains to be seen.

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