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Dominica introduces mandatory interviews for CBI Candidates

Dominica has been the first nation to institute obligatory citizenship interviews for investments (CBI) candidates. It is an expression of the nation’s dedication to transparency and due diligence as well as, in turn, to boost the credibility of Dominica’s CBI program in Dominica.

A group of highly experienced immigration officers will conduct the interview, and they’ll discuss a variety of subjects that include the applicant’s history and motivations for applying for citizenship and plans to settle in Dominica. The interview will be conducted online or in person as well as kept for later reference.

Premier Roosevelt Skerrit said introducing mandatory interviews was a “vital element” to the CBI process of applying. The interviews will ensure that the program is used only by investors who have real connections to Dominica.

The introduction of compulsory interviews can be a good thing for the CBI business. This is an indication that CBI programs are now increasingly transparent and accountable and will dissuade applicants who aren’t authentic.

It is worth noting that the CBI program in Dominica is being praised due to rigorous due diligence procedures. It is run under the Citizenship by Investment Act, which provides a comprehensive set of conditions that applicants must satisfy. This program is also subject to periodic inspections by independent entities.

Making mandatory interviews mandatory is another step towards Dominica’s dedication to due diligence. It’s a signal that the nation takes the CBI program seriously and is an initiative that will likely be loved by investors as well as other parties.

The benefits of mandatory interviews

There are a variety of benefits associated with obligatory interviewing for CBI applicants. In the first place, they can assist in determining whether an applicant is a good candidate to be a citizen. In asking about the background of the applicant, their reasons for applying for citizenship, and their plans to live in Dominica, The interviewers will be able to discern whether the applicant is genuine and if they are a suitable candidate for this country.

In addition, the interview process can be used to identify those who do not appear authentic. When applicants are aware that they’ll need to go through an interview, they will be less likely to submit an application for citizenship if they’re not committed to this process. This could help safeguard the credibility and integrity of the CBI program and ensure it’s only utilized by investors who are genuine.

The third reason is that interviews aid in making the CBI process easier to understand. By allowing potential applicants to sit with an immigration officer and ask questions, the interview process can simplify the process and help make it easier for those who are interested in applying.


The introduction of obligatory interviews is an excellent development for the CBI business. This is an important step in making sure that CBI is used only by legitimate investors who have an authentic connection to the nation. Interviews can be used to evaluate the eligibility of applicants to be a citizen of the country, deter those that aren’t genuine, and help make the CBI procedure more clear.

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