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About Latvia

Latvia is located within the Schengen Zone on the Baltic coast of Europe. Founded in 1201, Riga is the country’s capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most of Latvia’s land is covered in forests, which provide several nature paths and parks. Significant cultural and logistic ties exist between Latvia, Russia, and Western Europe.

Citizen By Investment Latvia

Country Overview

Download the country factsheets from the residence and citizenship tabs to find out more about the country’s programs. Alternatively, contact us directly for any specific questions.

Country Information

Latvia, one nation comprising the Schengen Area of Europe, is located on the Baltic Sea coast.



1.9 million



Russian, Latvian, and Belarusian, among other languages.



With fully advanced transit services, it is small and open.




Live in Latvia with Residence by Investment

Tourists come across the globe to Latvia because of its excellent local cuisine, rich history, and breathtaking fusion of art nouveau and mediaeval buildings. Though Russian is also widely spoken by most of the population, Latvian is the official language.

Riga is the largest and metropolitan city in Latvia. Moreover, it is this small but proud country’s political, economic, and cultural centre. Nowadays, Riga is home to more than a third of the nation’s residents. Since 1991, Latvia has joined to the UN, and since 2004 to the EU and NATO. In 2007, Latvia joined Europe’s Schengen Area, significantly benefiting the country’s citizens and residents.

Citizenship in Latvia

A holder of a temporary residence permit may apply for permanent residence after five years. A candidate must physically remain in Latvia for four out of the previous five years to be eligible for a permanent residence permit and pass the state language test.

Suppose the applicant has been a legal resident for five years before the filing date of their application. In that case, citizenship may be earned after five years of legal residence in Latvia. The candidate must have physically resided in Latvia for at least four of the previous five years to be eligible for citizenship. Dual citizenship is not allowed in Latvia.

Citizen By Investment Latvia

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