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About Ireland

Positioned in Western Europe strategically on important air and sea pathways connecting North America and Northern Europe, Ireland is romantically referred to as the ‘Green Island’ due to its verdant scenery and abundant flora. The nation is classified as one of the foremost five highly advanced countries on the UN’s Human Development Index, and its financial system is ranked 3rd on the 2022 Index of Economic Freedom.

Citizen By Investment Ireland

Country Overview

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Country Information

Irish inhabitants profit from Dublin’s business-friendly atmosphere and the nation’s standing as one of Europe’s swiftest developing economies. The nation’s EU membership confers inhabitants and nationals with all of the alliance’s civil and societal safeguards.



5.2 million



English, Irish



Modern, mixed, fast-pacing




Citizen By Investment Ireland

Living in Ireland

Located in the North Atlantic in northwest Europe, Ireland is the second-largest landmass of the British Isles. Divided between the north and south, most of the area consists of the Republic of Ireland, while Northern Ireland is considered a part of the United Kingdom.

Ireland became a member of the European Union in 1973 and is also a member of the OECD, WTO, and UN.

With a population of 5.2 million, Ireland features a mild oceanic climate, and the terrain is characterized by low-lying mountains and abundant vegetation. The nation is among the most appealing European spots due to its deep cultural history, historical architecture, natural allure, and prosperous business environment.


The main metropolis and primary harbor, Dublin, is the core of Ireland’s potent, unbarred economy. This hub of trade generates more than half of Ireland’s GDP and represents 43% of nationwide occupation. Fiscal amenities and fabrication are significant sectors — especially beer and liquor production, victuals refining, and cloth fabrication. Dublin’s business-friendly atmosphere and Ireland’s European Union membership make it an excellent spot for entrepreneurs.

A tech giant

A flourishing startup and IT culture and some of Europe’s most notable research centers have contributed to Ireland’s position as one of the area’s most appealing countries for foreign direct investment. The administration is devoted to supporting innovation, with Industry Development Agency Ireland and Enterprise Ireland stimulating modernization. Outstanding infrastructure and some of the swiftest connection speeds in Europe have produced a prosperous tech environment. Ireland is a preferred destination for USA tech companies. Since IBM, the first USA firm to invest in the country, opened an office in 1956, many tech giants followed suit, including Ericsson a year later, Microsoft, Dell, and Apple in the 1980s, and numerous more throughout the years. The 2000s saw Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, and Mastercard, among others, starting operations in Ireland. Furthermore, the Europe, Middle East, and Africa headquarters for social media behemoths Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be found in Dublin’s Silicon Docks.

A strong, open economy

Ireland is renowned for being among the most liberal economies globally. The nation reaps significant benefits from modern international commerce and has demonstrated its adaptability to fluctuating market circumstances. Ireland frequently tops the charts as one of the prime nations to conduct business worldwide, providing optimal laws and perks for overseas entrepreneurs.

Investors can anticipate utilizing the following:

  • One of the quickest-developing economies in the EU
  • A remarkably high standard of living ranking among the top five most progressed nations on the UN’s Human Development Index, surpassing Canada, the UK, and the USA.
  • Several of the globe’s most renowned and distinguished preparatory schools and universities
  • A youthful, highly literate, English-speaking labor force
  • A beneficial taxation system for investors, with corporate tax at 15%, in comparison to 35% in the USA
  • The top spot in Europe for the ease of paying taxes, according to PwC’s Paying Taxes 2020 report
  • A rising number of multinational and foreign firms are moving to Ireland for its generous benefits.

Citizen By Investment Ireland

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