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Citizenship by Investment Austria

Austria is Europe’s richest country, with a high standard of living. Austria is a wonderful place to live, with its stunning natural attractions and stable economy.


Contribution substantial to the Austrian Economy

Processing time

Variable depending on the application, but it usually takes 24-36 month

Key benefit

Travel to 188 destinations. Hong Kong and the rest of Europe, including Canada, are visa-free or on-arrival.

Austrian Citizenship Through Investment

Austrian citizens can work and live anywhere in the EU.

The reputation of the Austrian passport is excellent. It allows for visa-free travel or visa-on arrival to all countries, and even visa-free entry to the USA. It is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious travel documents in the world.

You and your family can acquire citizenship under Austrian Citizenship Act. This citizenship is permanent. It can also be passed onto future generations through descent

Citizen By Investment Austria - TEG Consultancy

Austrian citizenship Requires Investment

The citizenship by investment provisions require that a person applying for citizenship must invest in Austrian business. This could be in the form of direct investment or joint venture. It is common to require significant direct investment. Passive investments in government bonds and real estate are not eligible.

All applicants must provide a complete CV and background information as well as excellent references in addition to the standard documentation requirements (such as birth certificates, passports, and marriage certificates).

As a condition for Austrian citizenship, the Austrian Citizenship Act requires that applicants give up their current citizenship. The Citizenship Act Article 10(6) allows for the legal preservation of an applicant’s former citizenship. This means that they may not have to surrender their current citizenship in order to be granted citizenship.

Austrian Citizenship Through Investment: Procedures and Time Frame

A capital contribution is required to grant citizenship. This requires approval from several government levels. It is important that applicants are properly advised and prepared from the beginning. Before formal applications can be started, informal approvals must be obtained from key ministries.

TEG Group provides capital contribution advice, liaisons with various ministries and agencies, and finally prepares and lodges your application to the government. This involves a background check. After the approval of the citizenship application, citizenship documents are issued.

An application takes on average 24-36 months. The Government of Austria grants full citizenship to successful applicants and they can apply immediately for a passport. Within a few days, passports can be issued.

Because it is covered by government privacy and official secrets, the grant of citizenship cannot be published or reported to other countries.

Performance Guarantee

The Government of Austria has the sole authority to grant citizenship. We cannot guarantee that all applications will be accepted. The best safeguards have been provided for applicants. TEG Group and the applicant sign a written agreement that outlines the respective responsibilities.



Our Clients Questions

To apply for Austrian citizenship, you must first meet the eligibility requirements set out in the Austrian Citizenship Act. This includes making a capital contribution to the Austrian economy through direct investment or joint venture. You will also need to provide a complete CV and background information, as well as excellent references, and standard documentation such as birth certificates, passports, and marriage certificates.

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