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Residence by Investment Austria

Austria is Europe’s richest country, with a high standard of living. Austria is a wonderful place to live, with its stunning natural attractions and stable economy.


Liquid funds of minimum EUR 40,000, German language skills, permanent housing, and private health insurance

Processing time

From submission of the request to approval, it takes one-three months

Key benefit

Freedom of movement to Austria, Europe's Schengen Area, and the rest of the EU

Austrian Residence by Investment

Austrian residents permit you to travel without a visa to any Schengen Area countries in Europe. The initial residence permit is valid for one year. It can be renewed at any time without interruptions. It is possible to apply for Austrian citizenship after 10 years of legal residency, or in some cases, six years

Austrian Golden Visa Benefits

Possibility to obtain residence as an independent person

Visa-free entry to all Schengen Area countries in Europe

After 10 years of residency, eligibility for citizenship

Attractive lifestyle in a healthy environment

Excellent communications and transport

Citizen By Investment Austria - Teg Consultancy

Austria Golden Visa Requirements

Due to the strict annual limit of 300 applicants, only a small number of applicants will be selected. All applicants must meet the requirements to be eligible for the Austria Private Residence Program. They must meet the following requirements:

A minimum of EUR 40,000. The amount in liquid funds will vary depending on how large their family is.

Document proof of permanent residential property (either bought or leased) where the applicant and their dependents will reside.

Private healthcare insurance.

Documented German language skills (at the A1 level).

The following requirements are required of applicants:

Send the required documentation personally to the Austrian consular/diplomatic representation in the country of residence.

Once their residence application has been accepted, they can apply for a special visa at Austria's embassy. This will allow them to travel to Austria in order to obtain their residence permit from the appropriate authority.

The Austrian Golden Visa Procedure and Time Frame

Applicants must submit all required documentation personally to the Austrian consular/diplomatic representation in their country of residence during the application process. It is important to submit the application at the right time due to strict quota restrictions for certain residence permits. After the permit has been granted, the applicant will need to pick up a special visa from the Austrian Embassy. This allows the applicant to travel to Austria in order to obtain the residence permit.

Although there is a minimum processing time of one month for applications, approvals can take up to three months. The residence permit must be collected at the Austrian issuing authority once it has been issued. If they plan to stay in Austria for longer than 24 months, all non-EU or non-EFTA citizens will need to sign an integration agreement. Each year, the residence and settlement permits can be renewed.



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The Austrian Private Residence Program is a way for individuals to obtain residence in Austria by investing in the country.

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