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UAE Residence by Investment

The UAE is one of the most fascinating commercial locations globally. UAE Residence by Investment targets granting an extended stay to overseas investors, businesspeople, and skilled individuals, such as experts, pupils, and scholars who contribute a substantial investment to the nation.

Advantages of UAE Golden Visa

Gateway to Africa and the Asia, Middle East, and Europe due to strategic geographic location

Access to multiple continents via strategic location Safe, secure environment

Secure and protected surroundings High standard of services and good quality of life

Excellent quality of life and top-notch services Applicant's unmarried children and spouse, one executive director, and one consultant may be added at no additional investment.

Additional members are allowed at no extra cost Among the top 30 nations in the world for ease of doing business.

Ranked in the top 30 for business-friendliness Favorable tax system for investors — with no private income, net worth, capital, or withholding tax (except for those levied in the local banking and oil sectors), and several double-tax treaties in place

Investor-friendly tax policies with double-tax treaties Good value from real estate investments

Valuable real estate investment opportunities Streamlined, efficient residence permit system

An efficient system for residence permits Member states of the Gulf Co-operation Council, the United Nations, and the Arab League.

UN, Gulf Co-operation Council, and Arab League member

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Requirements for UAE Golden Visa

To be eligible for residency, candidates have three alternatives: 

A: Investment fund: 10-year visa

One of the subsequent options is Least deposit of AED 2 million (about USD 550,000) into an approved investment fund in the UAE, with a document from the fund’s Least capital investment of AED 2 million (about USD 550,000) into a corporation, with a valid commercial or industrial license Minimum yearly taxes of AED 250,000 (approximately USD 70,000) from an investor’s company, with a letter of confirmation from the national federal tax authority. 

B: Senior employees: 10-year visa

Under the investment fund alternative mentioned above, investors who hire an executive director or advisor for ten years may submit a letter enabling their senior worker to obtain a ten-year residency visa as well. The worker’s spouse and single children may be added to the application. C: Real estate: Renewable five-year visa

Least purchase of AED 2 million (approximately USD 550,000) in real estate, with a document from the Dubai Real Estate Registration Management. (An investment of more than AED 2 million is necessary for real estate bought through a loan)

Process and Time Period of the UAE Golden Visa

Applications for UAE residency must contain completed application forms and should be completed with the appropriate fees and supporting documentation. The resident visas received are good for 10 years if you choose the investment fund or senior staff options. For the real estate option, the visas are acceptable for five years and can be renewed subsequently. The application for residency in the UAE can be submitted to the authorities after the primary scrutiny checks are performed, and the retainer is paid. Once the requirements have been fulfilled, awaiting initial approval of the application, the successful candidate receives a six-month multiple-entry visa and travels to the UAE to apply for an ID card and undergo a medical checkup. Thereafter, full approval is ensured, and the client receives the residency visa. The processing duration for the residency application is three months from the submission of the application to its approval.



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 The minimum investment required for UAE golden visa is AED 2 million (about USD 550,000).

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