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Residence by Investment Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the ideal places to live and offers its citizens a high standard of living. Multiple global organizations call it home, and it is famous for its politically and economically stable environment and its multi-ethnic and multilingual society.


Depending on the applicant and the canton of domicile, minimum annual taxes of CHF 250,000.

Processing time

Three–six months

Key benefit

Switzerland residency and study rights.

Acquire a Residence Permit with Residence by Investment

In Switzerland, there are various types of residence. Citizens of the European Union (EU) or the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) are differentiated from nationals of other countries. If an EU or EFTA national has an employment contract with a Swiss employer, become self-employed in Switzerland, or does not aim to engage in a gainful occupation there, they can prove their financial independence by showing that they have enough income or assets to cover their living expenses.

Getting residence for non-EU or non-EFTA nationals is more difficult but still possible. Based on current Swiss immigration and tax laws and regulations, TEG Group designed the Swiss Residence Program.

Citizen By Investment Switzerland - TEG Consultancy

Swiss Residence Program: An Entry Point to Business Opportunities in Switzerland

We are in the most significant position to guide and help you in all aspects of conducting business in Switzerland at the Swiss offices of TEG Group. In fact, we have provided continuous legal, administration, and support services to many foreign clients, including private business owners and multinational businesses, to assist them in establishing operations in Switzerland.

An excellent business environment

For their global, European, or regional offices, their international financial firms, or their research and development centers, many of the most prominent businesses worldwide have chosen Switzerland. Examples include the European headquarters of Amgen in Lucerne, the international holding of Kuehne + Nagel in Schwyz, the European office of Philip Morris in Lausanne, the European hub of Compaq Computers in Zurich, and the IBM research lab in Zurich.

Switzerland is willing to attract major firms, small- and medium-sized businesses, and independent business owners. By tradition, Switzerland is business-friendly and offers solutions to all requirements and demands. The 26 cantons of Switzerland provide businesses with a wide range of possibilities. The perks of Switzerland are complemented 26 times over by other benefits specific to each location. Through its independent and well-established Swiss subsidiary, TEG Group assists foreign corporations and investors in finding the ideal place for their business in Switzerland.

First-rate infrastructure

Switzerland is frequently considered a pricey nation only available to giant corporations and wealthy people. However, the entire cost of living and doing business in Switzerland is considerably lower than in the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and France. In Switzerland, modern fuel, transportation, communication, and waste management systems are less costly than comparable costs elsewhere for jammed traffic and degrading environmental conditions.

Company types in Switzerland

You can choose between a branch office, a separate legal entity within one limited liability company, or a stock corporation when establishing a new firm or branch in Switzerland.

Swiss banking and insurance

The financial system in Switzerland, which is probably the most robust in the world, is based on banking and insurance. Swiss banks and insurance companies are incredibly safe, as the Swiss financial industry is tightly regulated. Swiss banks and insurance companies are unique because they provide sophisticated services to businesses and discerning investors by offering financial privacy through their solid reputation, safety, and worldwide presence.

Some of the many benefits of Switzerland include the following:

  • Political, social, and economic stability
  • A multilingual, highly qualified, and motivated workforce
  • First-class infrastructure, excellent banking facilities
  • Desirable lifestyle and healthy environment
  • Efficient and reliable public services
  • Possible fiscal incentives for substantial investments



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Switzerland is famous for its high living standards, stable political and economic climate, varied and multilingual population. It also hosts many global organizations.

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