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PR for investors in Canada

Explore Canada’s Golden Visa, Start-Up Visa, and PR for investors in Canada options tailored for investors seeking residence in Canada.



PR For Investors In Canada

PR for Investors in Canada offers permanent residency pathways tailored for investors, ensuring a smooth transition to Canadian life, Canada is an ideal place to call home.


Innovative Start-up Min. Investment CAD 200,000
(Maximum 5 Partners)

Processing time

24-30 months

Key benefit

After three years (1,095 days) of physical presence out of a possible five years, one is eligible for citizenship.

Startup Entrepreneurship Visa

Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program is designed to attract entrepreneurs and active investors looking to establish or expand their business presence in Canada. With a high per-capita income and a robust trade market, Canada is recognized as one of the wealthiest nations in the world. The program offers a pathway to permanent residence for those who meet the eligibility criteria, allowing them to contribute to the Canadian economy and benefit from its exceptional standard of living.

Citizen By Investment Canada - TEG Consultancy

Advantages of Residency Through Investment in Canada

Dwelling through investment in Canada has diverse benefits. Canada presents a reasonable cost of living along with outstanding academic and healthcare facilities, making it a perfect place to reside. The nation is renowned for its diverse, all-inclusive, and lively metropolises, making it an enchanting spot for households.

Furthermore, Canada is an excellent location to carry out trade with access to the entire North American market. The scheme has negligible application prerequisites, with no age restriction, net worth, or advanced education criteria, which streamlines the process and broadens the range of candidates.

Requirements of the Canada Start-Up Visa Program

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a path to permanent residency in Canada? The Canada Start-Up Visa Program might be the ideal match for you! To commence, you must suggest a creative and expandable start-up business endorsed by a designated organization.

There exist three investment alternatives obtainable, each with its distinct prerequisites. The initial alternative is business incubation, which possesses no minimum investment condition. The second alternative is angel investment, which necessitates obtaining CAD 75,000 from an angel investment group, depending on the business’s stage. Lastly, the third alternative is a venture capital fund, which requires obtaining CAD 200,000 from a venture capital fund, depending on the business’s location.

But don’t forget; There are extra charges for government fees, business setup, paperwork processing, and filing for immigration, regardless of which investment option you choose.

In addition to the investment requirements, you must meet a few other essential needs to be eligible for the Canada Start-Up Visa Program. You must be in excellent health, speak English or French at the CLB/IELTS 5 level, and have no prior convictions.

Don’t let the requirements intimidate you

With the proper preparation and guidance, you can easily navigate the Canada Start-Up Visa Program and achieve permanent residency in this amazing country!



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 It is a program designed to attract entrepreneurs and active investors who want to establish or expand their businesses in Canada and provides a pathway to permanent residency.

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