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Panama Residence by Investment

Tactically situated amidst Central and South America, Panama is a worldwide hub for offshore banking. Substantial maritime commerce — the consequence of the Panama Canal, linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans — grants investors entry to the global trade markets, spanning from the United States to Far East Asia, Europe, and Oceania.


Minimum investment of USD 100,000

Processing time

The Qualified Investor route takes 30 days, while the Friendly Countries and Forestry Investor pathways take four to six months.

Key benefit

The right of free movement to Panama

The Panama Residence by Investment Program

Panama possesses an advanced, service-oriented economy. The state’s investment-based residency initiative presents a chance for worldwide financiers to support the development of the equatorial coastal country while gaining residency and investment prospects. Through this initiative, affluent individuals can donate to the nation and attain Panamanian residency in a span of 30 days or four-six months (depending on the selected investment option), with the chance of obtaining citizenship after five years.

Advantages of a Panamanian Golden Visa

The privilege to reside, labor, and learn in Panama

Entrance to the markets of North, Central, and South America

Dwelling eligible for a mate, minors below 18, single full-time pupils between 18-25 without offspring, physically or mentally challenged children of any age, and parents of any age

The abode of the Panama Canal, among the globe's most advantageous and utilized waterways, primarily transported automobiles, commodities, grains, oil, and coal

Closeness to Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, resulting in more favorable admission to commercial prospects with these countries.

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Panama's Golden Visa Requirements

To be eligible for residency, candidates must choose from the subsequent three investment pathways:

Qualified Investor

The maintenance of a permanent residency position demands a minimum of five years of holding investments. The main applicant and their dependents are subject to supplementary government charges.

One of the following options:

  • Investing in property with a sum of USD 300,000. 
  • Investing in stocks with an amount of USD 500,000. 
  • Depositing USD 750,000 in the banking industry for a fixed period.


Friendly Nations

For inhabitants of Panama’s ‘amiable countries’ (get in touch with us for the most recent index of amicable nations). 

One of these choices:

  • Property venture of $200K
  • Stable deposit of $200K
  • Work with a company in Panama for habitation by employment grounds.

Forestry Investor

Investment in a corporation possessing a woodland record with the Ministry of Environment. One of the subsequent choices:

  • Real property investment worth $100K
  • Investment worth $100K in teak afforestation. This option provides two years of provisional residency, after which the candidate may request permanent residency.
  • Investment worth $350K in teak afforestation. This option grants instantaneous permanent residency.

Process and Time Period of the Panama Golden Visa

Applications must contain finished application forms and should be accompanied by the proper charges and supportive papers, including specifics and the origin (overseas) of the investment funds and the investor’s general information. Depending on the preferred investment choice, the subsequent documentation will be necessary: papers from the Panama Public Registry, the Securities House, and a permit certificate from the Panama Stock Exchange, the National Authority of Land Ownership as well as verified duplicates of the resolution granting the entity keeping the invested securities and a duplicate of the time deposit certificate. 

After the initial background checks have been completed, then the application can be presented. After further background checks, the applicant can fulfill the requirements, and the application may be sanctioned.

The turnaround time for the residency request from submission to endorsement is 30 days using the Qualified Investor method or four to six months using the Friendly Nations and Forestry Investor methods.

The permanent residency licenses are granted instantly (pending assessment by the National Immigration Service) through the Qualified Investor and Forestry Investor methods and after a two-year period of possessing a temporary residency permit through the Friendly Nations method.

Panamanian citizenship is the following residence by investment.

Prosperous customers can petition for Panamanian nationality following a five-year stay. Inhabitants of certain Latin American territories and Spain might secure citizenship after one–three years.



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It is an initiative that allows international investors to contribute to the development of Panama while gaining residency and investment opportunities.

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