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Residence by Investment New Zealand

New Zealand is among the globe’s most secure and well-managed countries and presents an appealing place for investment, commerce, and family life. The nation is continuously rated among the highest 10 in safeguarding investors, launching a company, and the convenience of doing commerce.


Minimum investment of NZD 5 million

Processing time

Eight–nine months

Key benefit

Citizenship is possible after five years of residence.

New Zealand Active Investor Plus Visa Program

New Zealand’s latest Active Investor Plus Visa was unveiled in September 2022, superseding its past investor visas. Intended to lure significant investors and stimulate investment that generates advantages to the domestic economy, the Active Investor Plus Visa authorizes candidates to reside, labor, and learn in the nation permanently, provided they have fulfilled all the investment and residency prerequisites.

Visa-free entry or visa-on-arrival access to destinations in 146 countries which include China, Hong Kong, Singapore as well as the UK, along with Europe's Schengen Area

The only Caribbean citizenship-by-investment program with the E-2 Investor Visa Treaty with the USA allows citizens to apply for an immigrant visa that is not required.

Citizenship is transferable to spouses as well as future generations

The possibility of including a spouse, children who are younger than 30, siblings who are not married, 18 and above as well as parents and grandparents of the primary applicant, as well as a spouse

There are no restrictions regarding dual nationality in Grenada

No minimum stay required

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Advantages of New Zealand Residency Through Investment

Superior quality of life, diverse community, and sparse population

Residency valid for a partner and under 24 offspring

Stable political, social, and economic environment

Robust judicial framework founded on English legislation

Absence of donation, inheritance, or net worth levy, and no tax on capital gains


Basic Requirements for the New Zealand Active Investor and Visa Program

To be eligible for residency, candidates must satisfy the subsequent prerequisites:

  • Inject between NZD 5 million and NZD 15 million throughout a four-year duration
  • Possess a clean bill of health and exhibit ethical behavior
  • Stay in New Zealand for 117 days throughout the four-year residency duration
  • Manifest proficiency in the English language

The subsequent resources can be invested and will be proportionally weighed to fulfill the NZD 15 million investment threshold:

  • Singular investments in authorized businesses. These will be allocated a triple weighting.
  • Investments in sanctioned managed funds (private equity or venture capital funds). These will be given a double weighting.
  • Investment in publicly listed stocks and altruism. These will be given a singular weighting (and both are restricted to 50% of the NZD 15 million investment obligation).

Procedures and Time Duration of New Zealand Residence by Investment Program

Applications must contain completed forms and be accompanied by the appropriate charges and supporting papers. Processing takes eight to nine months from the moment the application is submitted until it is accepted.

Investments can be made over three years (with a fourth-year hold). If they fulfill the minimum time requirement in the country after keeping their funds in New Zealand for four years, investors can apply for permanent residency. After meeting investment and time-in-country conditions for four years, residents can sponsor their parents’ application under the Parent Retirement category.

If families are part of the visa holder’s family, they must go to New Zealand within 12 months of receiving their visa, but there is no minimum stay required in New Zealand. Family members who are 16 or older must meet English language standards or may choose to pre-purchase ESOL training to complete after arriving in New Zealand.

Visa holders can live anywhere in New Zealand and study at all schools and tertiary institutions in the country as domestic students. Visa holders must typically live in New Zealand to buy residential real estate. Individuals who are merely in the country for the required number of days may need permission to buy. This requirement is removed after they have resided in New Zealand for a minimum of 183 days in the previous 12 months and are a tax resident.

Getting Citizenship after the New Zealand Active Investor and Visa Program

Eligible candidates can request New Zealand nationality after residing for five years. The passport of New Zealand ranks in the top 10 globally on the passport index and enables entry to more than 180 places worldwide.



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The New Zealand Active Investor Plus Visa Program is a new investor visa program that was launched in September 2022. It is designed to attract significant investors and promote investment that benefits the domestic economy. Successful candidates are allowed to reside, work, and study in New Zealand permanently, provided they have met all investment and residency requirements.

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