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Residence by Investment Mauritius

 Eligible candidates can apply for New Zealand citizenship after residing in the country for five years. The New Zealand passport ranks in the top 10 globally on the passport index and allows entry to more than 180 places worldwide.


Investment in real estate must be at least USD 375,000.

Processing time

Six–eight months

Key benefit

The liberty to reside, work, and retire in the country

The Mauritius Residence by Investment Program

Mauritius is famed for its delightful equatorial climate, diversity, and stunning habitats, but its vibrant economy, appealing tax policies, and challenging corporate environment have enhanced the nation’s worldwide recognition and are enticing affluent individuals and clans worldwide. For those who desire to dwell in this archipelago, the most effective means of acquiring residency is through the Mauritius Residence by Investment Plan. With this program, investors in the local real estate market can get Mauritius residency status in between six and eight months.

The Mauritius Investor Visa Scheme is placed 13th among 26 schemes on the 2023 Worldwide Residence Scheme Index.

Citizen By Investment Mauritius - TEG Consultancy

The Mauritius Residency by Investment Program's Advantages

Advanced, open, and properly managed global financial hub.

Ranked top 20 nations for business convenience

Stability in politics, society, and economy

Globally renowned schools and colleges

Protected, guarded surroundings with constant tropical weather

Dwelling suitable for the entire family- spouse, parents, and dependent children under 24 (natural, step, or adopted) without any employment allowed in Mauritius without a valid work permit.


Requirements of Residence by Investment in Mauritius

The Mauritius Citizenship by Investment Program necessitates overseas investors to purchase high-end residential real estate worth at least USD 375,000 in one of six property projects:

  • The Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS)
  • Dwellings, estates, flats, and plots of land with a minimum size of 10 hectares
  • The Real Estate Scheme (RES):
  • Smaller units compared to IRS and constructed on freehold land with an area not exceeding 10 hectares.
  • The Property Development Scheme (PDS):
  • Inclusive ventures aimed at improving the community and focused on eco-friendliness while following strict environmental regulations.
  • The Invest Hotel Scheme (IHS):
  • New or old hotel units where the investor can reside for 45 days within any 12 months
  • The Smart City Scheme (SCS):
  • Sustainable living, working, or leisure spaces designed to create their own water and energy sources, state-of-the-art connectivity, advanced transport, and minimize traffic congestion.
  • The Ground +2 Apartment Scheme (G+2):
  • Situated in condo developments with a minimum of two levels above the ground

Instead, candidates can opt for one of these additional eligibility choices for 20-year permanent residency. These choices are tailored to:

  • Common investors (shareholders or managers of a company in Mauritius): First transfer of USD 50,000 for a business undertaking that produces an accumulative turnover over a 10-year preliminary residency term.
  • High-tech investors (shareholders or managers of a company in Mauritius): Primary investment of USD 50,000 in advanced machinery and equipment for a business activity that generates a cumulative turnover for a 10-year initial residence period.
  • Innovative startup investors: First investment of USD 40,000 and at least 20% of expenses on research and progress, or register with a Mauritian-accredited incubator with a minimum operating expense of 20% for a 10-year initial residence period.
  • Professional investors (foreigners hired in Mauritius under contract): Monthly base pay with a minimum worth of about USD 1,400 (roughly USD 700 in the ICT sector) for a 10-year initial residence duration.
  • Self-employed investors (in the service industry and registered under the Business Registration Act 2002): First transfer of USD 35,000 to a domestic bank account in Mauritius for a 10-year starting residence period.
  • Retired non-citizen investors (50 years or above): First transfer of at least USD 1,500 each month to a domestic bank account in Mauritius for a 10-year starting residence duration (or USD 54,000 over the three-year residence duration)

Process and Time Period of the Mauritius Residence by Investment Program

Applications to the program must be made via the designated forms and should be accompanied by the relevant fees. Additional documents, such as a recent certificate of good conduct and a recent health certificate from the applicant verifying they are free of infectious diseases, are also mandatory.

The property investment must be sustained throughout the residency permit period and financed using external funds transferred to Mauritius through a bank recognized by the Bank of Mauritius.

After initial verification checks have been carried out, the applicant may select their preferred property. Once preliminary approval has been given and the applicant has met the investment requirements, the application for residency can be submitted to the Economic Development Board of the Republic of Mauritius. Upon satisfactory verification checks, the applicant (and accompanying family members) is granted a Mauritian residency permit.

Dependants encompass spouses or partners, parents, and unmarried, financially reliant children (including stepchildren and adopted children) of any age who are not employed.



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 It is a program that allows investors to obtain residency in Mauritius by investing in local real estate.

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