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Residence by Investment Malaysia

Malaysia is one of Asia’s most dynamic economies because of its sustained industrial expansion and stable political situation. Following its independence, Malaysia became part of the British Commonwealth. It is a founding member of ASEAN and also belongs to the UN and APEC. Malaysia boasts superb shorelines, awe-inspiring landscapes, and thick jungles.


A MYR 1 million minimum expenditure is necessary (approximately USD 230,000)

Processing time

Three–six months

Key benefit

A visa that permits the applicant and their family to live in Malaysia for 10 years.

Acquire Malaysian Residence

The Malaysian My Second Home (MM2H) program requires that applicants fulfill specific requirements, and as a result, they and their family members are granted a ten-year multiple-entry visa. This visa serves as a residency permit, allowing the approved candidate and their relatives to live in Malaysia.

Advantages of Malaysia My Second Home Initiative

Unambiguous, efficient immigration plan through investment

Decade-long, multiple-entry, extendable permit, with an obligatory yearly visitation period of 90 days

Prospect to include spouse and dependent kids below 21 years old and unmarried

Varied community

Option to purchase any quantity of housing units, assessed between MYR 300,000 to MYR 1 million, varying by locality

Levies were only enforced on income produced within Malaysia, and numerous reciprocal tax treaties created.

Citizen By Investment Malaysia - TEG Consultancy

Requirements of the Program

Candidates need to be a minimum of 35 years old and exhibit the potential to back themselves economically in Malaysia without looking for work or state aid. 

All the following criteria need to be met. During the submission, the primary petitioner needs to:

Give verification of bankable resources valued at a minimum of MYR 1.5 million (around USD 350,000).

Present verification of overseas revenue valued at a minimum of MYR 40,000 (around USD 10,000) monthly.

Upon approval of the application, TEG Group will assist the applicant with:

Starting a bank account

Getting a health report from a private clinic

Buying health coverage from a Malaysian insure

Thereafter, the applicant:

  • Must put in MYR 1 million (around USD 230,000) and MYR 50,000 (around USD 12,000) per reliant spouse or child into a domestic fixed deposit account. This investment must be upheld throughout the applicant’s residency in Malaysia under the program. 
  • Allowed to take out up to MYR 500,000 (around USD 115,000) after the first year if they desire, for authorized expenditures regarding a home acquisition, schooling for their children in Malaysia, or healthcare intentions.

Procedures and Time Frame of Malaysia My Second Home Program

The Malaysia Immigration Department will issue an approval letter to each successful applicant. The visa prohibits employment in Malaysia, and it does not result in permanent residency. Once the residency application is submitted to the Malaysian government and initial endorsement is given, the customer can travel to the country to complete the remaining requirements (specifically, opening a bank account and meeting the medical requirements). TEG Group will aid in this process. Afterward, the complete endorsement will be granted, and the applicant and their family members will receive their 10-year multiple-entry visas to Malaysia. The entire process takes between three to six months. The primary candidate and their partner must stay in Malaysia for 90 days annually (children and parents are exempt from this condition). The initial visa has a validity of five years and can be extended for an additional five years.



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The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program is an initiative that allows foreign nationals to acquire a ten-year multiple-entry visa, which serves as a residency permit, permitting them and their families to live in Malaysia.

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