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Residence by Investment Australia

Australia has an excellent reputation and is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. It is a modernized, multicultural country with a higher high Human Development Index ranking. It offers its people an exceptional quality of life, economic freedom, civil liberties, and political rights protection.


A minimum contribution of AUD 2.5 million under the Investor Stream

Processing time

12 months

Key benefit

Approximately five years to citizenship

Australian Residence by Investment

Visa applicants must meet specific criteria prescribed to the appropriate visa subclass. The standards prescribed to a visa application will include either at the time of lodgment requirements, at the time of decision requirements, or a combination of both. Visa applications may only be accepted if applicants meet the criteria at the correct time. All visa subclasses must satisfy specific health, character, and public interest criteria.

For five years, a permanent resident must live in Australia for at least two of those years or show excellent ties to the country.

The Australian visa application process is structured and based on laws, regulations, policies, and legislative instruments. By type of visa, application processing times differ widely. By type of visa, application processing times vary widely. The Department of Immigration has a preference processing level within which visa applications that result in the country receiving the most benefit (skilled visas) will be reviewed more quickly than those with less usage (For family visas).

The Business Innovation and Investment Program

The Business Innovation and Investment Program has four visa programs.

The Business Innovation and Investment Program have the following points:

The Business Innovation Stream requires applicants to pass a points test, and have a successful company career with a baseline annual revenue of AUD 750,000 and AUD 1.25 million in net assets. In addition, they must have lived in Australia for at least a year and retain significant ownership and management of an Australian company.

The Investor Stream involves passing a points exam, investing AUD 2.5 million into an acceptable Australian-managed investment fund for the temporary visa period, and staying in the country for a minimum of two years.

The temporary visas specified above provide a straight route to permanent residency after three years, supplied that particular house and investment or business turnover requirements are met. For five years, the initial visa will be valid.

The Substantial Investor Stream requires applicants to invest a minimum of AUD 5 million in an Australian-managed investment fund that meets the standards for the provisional visa's duration and to spend an average of 40 days per year in Australia for primary visa holders.

The Entrepreneur program requires applicants to have a government endorsement from their region or state and to have been residents for at least two years.

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The Global Talent Independent Program

Highly skilled executives, businesspeople, professionals, and businessmen have a quicker way to permanent residence under Global Talent Independence Program. By providing training and development, encouraging innovation, and creating jobs, it seeks to grow Australia’s advancement and tech economies and develop possibilities for Australians. The Australian government is looking for the best and brightest international talent in the following 10 future-focused sectors:

Resources, energy, and mining technology

Agricultural technology (ag-tech)

Defense, space, and advanced manufacturing

Financial services and technology (fintech)

Health industries and medical technology (medtech)

Circular economy

Infrastructure and tourism


Cyber security

Quantum information, cutting-edge digital tech., information and communications technology (ICT), and data science.

Applicants for the International Human resources Independence visa must be recognized internationally, be leading figures in their profession at the moment, and demonstrate exceptional career achievements. Additionally, they must show that they can find employment in Australia or develop a successful career in their industry to benefit Australia in their field. Spaces are also accessible to Ph.D. graduates or sure Ph.D. students nearing the end of their research papers. They can show they have exceptional talent and are well-known globally in a particular industry.

Key Benefits of an Australian Golden Visa

  • High standard of lifestyle
  • Multicultural environment
  • Political, economic, and social stability
  • Objective, merits-based immigration system with predictable results
  • 10% retirement or pension contribution from employers is necessary

Process and Time Frame of the Australia Golden Visa

Laws, regulations, policies, and other legislative instruments form the framework and basis of the Australian visa application process. The Home Affairs Department can also reject visas, conduct registration or monitoring checks, control the professional migration agent sector, and provide for the legal review of visa decisions and the laws governing visa applications.

An immigration assistant at the closest Australian embassy must examine specific visa applications for those outside Australia.

An Australian migration bureau will assess additional visa requests. For all temporary and permanent resident visa applications, the Department of Home Affairs is shifting to electronic online submission.

Depending on the kind of visa requested, processing durations change significantly but are typically 12 months.

The Home Affairs Department uses a preferential processing category, which means that skilled visa applications will be evaluated more swiftly than those that will provide the country with less financial assistance (family visas).

The Ministry of Internal Affairs often revises its service criteria for processing times and publishes them on the internet.

Australian visas are no longer physically placed on passports but are electronically attached. Australia has a website where people and businesses can verify the status of visa holders (and any applicable work conditions).



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The Australian Residence by Investment program allows individuals to obtain permanent residency by investing a minimum of AUD 2.5 million in the country.

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