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About Greece

Greece provides its citizens and residents with numerous reassuring advantages as an EU member, including high levels of safety and security, great educational possibilities, comprehensive healthcare alternatives, and a reliable rule of law.

Citizen By Investment Greece

Citizen By Investment Greece - TEG Consultancy

Country Overview

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Country Information

Greece’s warm Mediterranean climate, desirable lifestyle, cosmopolitan cities, and vital industries have led many wealthy individuals and families to make this country their second home.



10.7 million






Service- and industrial-based




Citizen By Investment Greece

Living in Greece

Greece, situated at the nexus of Europe, Asia, and Africa, is regarded as the origin of democracy and the birthplace of Western culture. The country’s history dates back to 800 BCE and has significantly influenced the modern world’s language, arts, philosophy, politics, and physical pursuits. 

The remnants of Greece’s illustrious past can still be seen in its capital, Athens, which retains the city’s ancient landmarks. Greece is also regarded as one of the world’s top holiday destinations.

Greece’s warm Mediterranean climate, world-renowned gastronomy, and cosmopolitan cities, with its exquisite beaches and authentic local traditions and hospitality, have led many upwardly mobile individuals to make this country their second home.


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