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Antigua and Barbuda

About Antigua and Barbuda

The Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program was created to be implemented and administered through TEG Group under a government mandate in 2012. This program attracts those seeking second citizenship by purchasing desirable properties or contributing to the nation’s National Development Fund. 

Citizen By Investment Antigua And Barbuda - TEG Consultancy

Country Overview

Download the Antigua and Barbuda factsheets from the residence and citizenship tabs to find out more about the country’s programs. Alternatively, contact us directly for any specific questions.

Country Information

It is the Eastern Caribbean island Antigua as well as Barbuda is famous for its tropical lush climate and welcoming style of living.





English, Antiguan, Creole

English, Antiguan Creole





Eastern Caribben dollar

Eastern Caribbean dollar

Citizen By Investment Antigua And Barbuda

An introduction to Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua as well as Barbuda is an unincorporated Commonwealth state located in the Eastern Caribbean. Antigua measures 14 miles in length and eleven miles in width. its flat land topography was perfectly suited for the early crop of cotton, tobacco and ginger. The primary industry, however, evolved into sugar cane cultivation, which was in operation for more than 200 years. After its liberation of Britain from the United Kingdom in 1981 Antigua’s main industry includes tourism as well as related services. The second largest employment-creating sectors are the finance industry and the government.

With 360 beaches of clear blue, clear waters, the paradise island Antigua is a paradise for all the senses and is considered to be among the most stunning places on earth. Tourism is the primary source of GDP and accounts for approximately 60 percent of the island’s revenue as the primary market including Canada, Europe, and the USA.

Antigua has been in a tough economic climate in recent times. However, the Antiguan government has been praised for the execution of its National Economic and Social Transformation Plan and an effort to reduce debt initiative. One of the strategies to boost the island’s economic growth is the introduction of the citizenship by investment program. TEG Group has played an important role in advising and assisting the government with the design execution, implementation, and international placement.

Citizen By Investment Antigua And Barbuda

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