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Citizenship by Investment Turkey

The program known as Türkiye Citizenship by Investment Program, formerly named Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program, commenced in January 2017 with the objective of promoting foreign direct investment and economic progress in the real estate field of the country. The program offers multiple options for applicants to contribute to the progress of the Turkish economy.

Türkiye, being a transcontinental country in Eurasia, is located at the junction of Europe and Asia, with Istanbul, a city straddling both continents via the Bosphorus Strait, serving as a prime example. This location places Türkiye in a position of considerable geostrategic significance.


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Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program Advantages

Enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 111 destinations such as Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore.

Obtain citizenship in a country with a mild Mediterranean climate, stunning scenery, and a high standard of living.

Eligibility for a renewable E-2 investor visa for five years in the USA.

Access to a transcontinental Eurasian country, serving as a stable economic, financial, and political hub between Europe, Western Asia, and the Middle East.

Citizen By Investment Turkey - TEG Consultancy

Requirements of Turkey Citizenship by Investment

To be eligible for citizenship, the primary applicant must meet one of these investment criteria:

Purchase real estate valued at no less than USD 400,000.

Make a minimum investment in fixed assets of USD 500,000.

Place at least USD 500,000, or its foreign currency or Turkish lira equivalent, in a Turkish bank account.

Allocate at least USD 500,000, or its foreign currency or Turkish lira equivalent, to government bonds.

Invest a minimum of $500,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish lira in real estate or venture capital funds.

Invest a minimum of $500,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish lira in a personal retirement account for a minimum of three years.

Create jobs for at least 50 people, as verified by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services

The primary candidate can incorporate their partner, reliant minors under 18, and disabled offspring of any age in their submission.

Process and Time Period of the Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program

The process and timeline for obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment involve several steps. After selecting a qualifying investment option, the applicant’s family must apply for a residence permit. The main applicant is also required to open a bank account in Turkey. Once all necessary documents have been prepared and the investment has been made, the application is submitted to the government for review. The government may request an interview as part of the review process. Typically, applications are approved within 120 days, and citizenship documents are issued. Following this, the applicant can submit a passport application. It’s important to note that Turkish citizens are subject to gift and inheritance taxes on their worldwide assets, and seeking professional advice is recommended.



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Türkiye's program to promote foreign investment and growth in real estate while offering multiple investment options for citizenship.

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