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Citizenship by Investment Macedonia

Nestled in the heart of Southeast Europe, the Republic of North Macedonia is a land of stunning natural beauty characterized by its sparkling streams and verdant mountain ranges. The country’s expanding economy and good trade and agricultural opportunities appeal to entrepreneurs and investors. The inhabitants of North Macedonia enjoy a culturally wealthy lifestyle influenced by traditions and arts and a civil legal system.


The minimum amount to invest is EUR 200 000

Processing time

Two-five months

Key benefit

The right to move freely in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Turkiye, and Europe's Schengen Area, among others, in addition to an electronic visa to India

The Macedonia Citizenship by Investment Program

The country is located in Southeastern Europe, and North Macedonia is strategically situated, which puts prospective investors in the ideal position to profit from its position as a critical transportation route throughout Europe. If you’d like to be a citizen of this expanding European economy,  Citizenship by Investment Program is the best method of obtaining this status. The government is open to highly skilled and wealthy foreigners who can invest a substantial and qualified investment in the country, which will help boost the economy with international direct investment. In this program, people can become citizens of North Macedonia within five months.


The government is working on creating the program.

Benefits of the Macedonia Citizenship by Investment Program

Visa-free access or visa-on-arrival to the 125 destinations

Citizenship for those 18 or older. Dependent children younger than 18 may apply for citizenship through descent if both or one of their parents has been granted citizenship.

Citizenship is a gift that can be passed on to the next generation.

A strategically placed market for trade

Citizenship of the European middle-income country that has a hospitable and welcoming lifestyle and a favorable tax environment

There is no minimum residency period or language requirement to be able to attain citizenship.

Citizenship of a nation that has recently gained NATO recognition and also an EU candidate

Access to an experienced workforce and speedy company registration systems

Citizen By Investment North Macedonia - TEG Consultancy

The Requirements for Macedonian Citizenship

The North Macedonian Citizenship Program requires that foreign investors invest EUR 200 or EUR 400,000 in one of the following two investment choices:

Option 1:

EUR 200 000 for an adult applicant for two years at a private investment fund set up following the law in the Republic of North Macedonia to be eligible for citizenship.

Option 2:

EUR 400,000 for each adult applicant as an investment director in modern facilities (except for hospitality facilities intended for shopping or restaurants) with a minimum of 10 people for an indefinite amount of time for at least one calendar year

Documents like these are required to be submitted:

Police clearance certificates

A detailed curriculum of reference (CV)

Financial standing proof

Time Frame and Procedures of Macedonia Citizenship by Investment Program

The applications to apply for citizenship must include complete application forms. The required costs and documents must accompany them. The records required include marriage and birth certificates, an official prospectus, and shares redemption documents from the fund that the government approves. The program is administered under direct and strict supervision by the Fund for Innovations and Technology Development of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The steps below for applying are:

  1. Contacts with clients TEG Group
  2. Initial due diligence checks completed.
  3. Retainer agreement and client agreement signed. To be paid
  4. All requirements are met.
  5. The application to obtain North Macedonian citizenship was submitted to the government.
  6. Approval of application
  7. Full citizenship granted



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According to the information provided, there is an official Citizenship by Investment program in North Macedonia.

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